News: Tracking The Tides

Tracking The Tides

When you live on an island, spending time on the beach beomes part of the fabric of life (otherwise why live on an island). Whidbey has so many beaches to explore. I've been here several years and barely scratched the surface. I guess once I discover places I really enjoy, I tend to go back to them by default (creature of habit syndrome). It also doesn't hurt that I have a beach yards from my back door here on Sandy Point.

Time suspends when I am on the beach, whether with my coho walking holding hands, sitting on driftwood together sipping a glass of wine, strolling aimlessly looking for cool shells, rocks, or beach glass, digging for clams with my daughter, or playing weird beach only games. No mention of swimming - water is a bit too chilly for my bones.

Knowing the cycle of the tides can be useful (especially for clamdigging, crabbing or if you want to take the 45 minute beachcomber stroll from Sandy Point to the Langley Marina.

Saltwater Tides is a great online source for checking the tides tables all over WA. When mobile, I use TideApp on my iPhone, but they have versions for most of the popular smart phones.

So where are my favorite beaches on Whidbey. Will have to save for another post, but feel free to share yours in the mean time.

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